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Troy Edige


Camera Operator

Troy is a DoP and director who brings a unique vision and style to the wide range of projects that he works on. Troy combines his passions for adventure and creating visceral imagery in a career that has seen him travel across the world and collaborate with numerous creatives on projects shot in the US, Europe, Japan, India and Pakistan.
His self-shot documentary about indigenous polo in the remote mountains of Pakistan has been selected for leading documentary festivals around the world, and his broadcast work has been featured on Netflix, HBO and BBC.
An award-winner for best cinematography at multiple festivals, he stands out with his well-rounded and versatile style which comes as a result of his depth of experience in documentaries, commercials and narratives.


Showreel: Troy Edige

Venture into a world like no other with Troy Edige's showreel. As a DOP and colourist, he has used his passions for adventure and creating visceral imagery to take him on an incredible journey across the globe

The Moments In Between

Ever since Mike Guest first took a camera into water he has been transfixed, mesmerised and spellbound by the skin of the ocean, where liquid meets air. Each of us has a unique relationship with the ocean. Some fear it, some play with it, it keeps us fit, it soothes our minds, and it's part of the lungs and lifeblood of this planet. It's also one of the largest potential sources of clean energy.

Thanks to Orbital Marine Power for allowing us cut this piece together from a trip filming the ground-breaking work they are carrying out in tidal energy.

The film came about from editor Robbie saying how he just kept getting lost in the same small moments just above and bellow the surface of thew water. Mike reached out to pianist Jennifer Austin and musician David Jack and soon The Moments In Between was born.

Cinematographer // Mike Guest

Editor // Robbie Dickson

Composers // Jennifer Austin & David Jack

Colourist // Troy Edige

Loch Duart

‘Born and Raised’ is the first in a series of 4 films by Great Brink which focusses on the values upon which Loch Duart was founded. The film gives you a glimpse of the farm teams who live and work in the communities of the Outer Hebrides where we raise our world-renowned salmon.

This job had a small and nibble crew which allowed us to work quickly as well as having the ability to change plans last minute due to weather and operational changes with boats and such like out at the pens.

The title ‘Born and Raised’ refers to both the people who have lived and worked in the Outer Hebrides and Sutherland for generations and to Loch Duart’s unique lineage of salmon which can be traced back to the wild salmon which have been swimming in Scottish waters for millennia.

In the film Ruairidh Macleod, Assistant Site Manager at Loch Duart, explains just how intrinsically linked Loch Duart salmon is to the local community and to the environment in which he lives and works.

Director // Euan Myles

Producer/Art Dept // Laura Strong – Great Brink

DOP / Drone // John Duncan

Camera Assistant //DigiNorth

Editor // John Duncan

Sound Mix // Finiflex

Colour Grade // Troy Edige

Music // Braw Sailin

Motion Graphics // Simon Biggs/Robbie Dickson

The Ripple Effect

Through 'The Ripple Effect', Mike Guest shares a journey of his personal growth and the development of resilience in times of challenge. A powerful, honest account  of how the project helped him process his mental health over the pandemic.

Director & DOP // John Duncan
Underwater Footage // Mike Guest & Tim Askew
Additional Footage // Rob Waugh
Sound Design // Barry Jackson
Dubbing Mixer & Sound Design // Paul Flitcroft
Music // David Jack
Colour Grading // Troy Edge

For The Love Of The Game

In the remote Northern Territories of Pakistan, polo has been a part of life for centuries. As teams from rivalling valleys get ready to meet on the world’s highest polo ground, Chitral leader Sikander Ul Mulk reflects on his long career and the sacrifices he had to make to follow his dreams.

DOP, Editor & Colourist // Troy Edige

Naked Grouse

Naked Grouse Whisky's Liberating Swap campaign takes us on a journey around the world, introducing some of its best bars and bartenders. It encourages exploration of exotic cultures and flavours while pushing boundaries in whisky convention.

Client // Naked Grouse
Agency // Campfire
DOP // Troy Edige
Editor // Robbie Dickson


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