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Loch Duart

‘Born and Raised’ is the first in a series of 4 films by Great Brink which focusses on the values upon which Loch Duart was founded. The film gives you a glimpse of the farm teams who live and work in the communities of the Outer Hebrides where we raise our world-renowned salmon.

This job had a small and nibble crew which allowed us to work quickly as well as having the ability to change plans last minute due to weather and operational changes with boats and such like out at the pens.

The title ‘Born and Raised’ refers to both the people who have lived and worked in the Outer Hebrides and Sutherland for generations and to Loch Duart’s unique lineage of salmon which can be traced back to the wild salmon which have been swimming in Scottish waters for millennia.

In the film Ruairidh Macleod, Assistant Site Manager at Loch Duart, explains just how intrinsically linked Loch Duart salmon is to the local community and to the environment in which he lives and works.

Director // Euan Myles

Producer/Art Dept // Laura Strong – Great Brink

DOP / Drone // John Duncan

Camera Assistant //DigiNorth

Editor // John Duncan

Sound Mix // Finiflex

Colour Grade // Troy Edige

Music // Braw Sailin

Motion Graphics // Simon Biggs/Robbie Dickson


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