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The Moments In Between

Ever since Mike Guest first took a camera into water he has been transfixed, mesmerised and spellbound by the skin of the ocean, where liquid meets air. Each of us has a unique relationship with the ocean. Some fear it, some play with it, it keeps us fit, it soothes our minds, and it's part of the lungs and lifeblood of this planet. It's also one of the largest potential sources of clean energy.

Thanks to Orbital Marine Power for allowing us cut this piece together from a trip filming the ground-breaking work they are carrying out in tidal energy.

The film came about from editor Robbie saying how he just kept getting lost in the same small moments just above and bellow the surface of thew water. Mike reached out to pianist Jennifer Austin and musician David Jack and soon The Moments In Between was born.

Cinematographer // Mike Guest

Editor // Robbie Dickson

Composers // Jennifer Austin & David Jack

Colourist // Troy Edige


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