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Eilidh Munro


Camera Operator

Eilidh Munro is a self-shooting documentary director, editor and camera operator. She specialises in creative documentaries about the environment and social injustice. Her work has been screened across the world in film festivals and online, and has been used to influence policy and decision making both in the UK and internationally. Her freelance work spans the commercial, arts and charity sectors.  Eilidh is part of the One World Media 2021-2022 fellowship and she recently received a distinction for an MA in documentary directing at the Edinburgh College of Art.


Voices on the Road

Deep in the remote Peruvian Amazon a road is quietly destroying a protected rainforest, causing conflict and fear. But for some indigenous communities, desperate for change, it also brings hope.

The road is cutting through a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Manu Biosphere Reserve - and opening it up to the outside world.

Many indigenous communities are struggling to live in this 'paradise' and the road brings the promise of a better life. But at what cost?

Visit: voicesontheroadfilm.com to find out more.

Co-Directors and co-producers: Bethan John and Eilidh Munro
Executive Producers: Neville Shulman CBE and Evie Wright
Editor: Erika Iesse
Cinematography: Eilidh Munro and Bethan John
Expedition teammate and lead translator: Jennifer Serrano Rojas
Graphic effects and Motion designer: Andrei Staruiala
Music: Chris Bradley
Colourist: Simon Williamson
Sound design: John Vick, Finiflex
Impact Coordinator: Juriko Rupay
Advisor and film translator: Eduardo Salazar

A Long Winter

Innes spends another bleak winter in the Scottish Highlands, relentlessly killing deer. Over the past twenty years he has planted over a million trees, working towards a 200-year long vision. But he knows this landscape needs death if life is ever to return - and that he needs to play the role of predator.

Eilidh was commissioned by Screen Scotland and the Scottish Documentary Institute to direct this short documentary as part of the SDI's Bridging The Gap programme for emerging directors. A Long Winter premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and is currently being distributed in film festivals worldwide before its online release.

A Long Winter is an observational documentary that explores what we’re willing to sacrifice to create a better future, even if we don’t personally benefit from it.

Director // Eilidh Munro

Producer // Finlay Pretsell

Executive Producers // Noé Mendelle and Flore Cosquer, Mark Thomas

Editor // Kieran Gosney

DoP // Julian Schwanitz

Sound designer & composer // Tom Drew

Colourist // Beth Woodruff

Online editor // Ania Urbanowska


Shot in the iconic landscapes of Skye and Loch Ness, this series of social films formed a core part of Talisker’s One for the Sea campaign. The 2 minute, 30 second and 15 second pieces showcase the work Talisker and Parley are doing to conserve large areas of Scottish kelp forests and celebrate endurance athlete Ross Edgley’s record breaking night swim.

View the social edits here:
30 Second
10 Second

Director// Gregor Sinclair

Assistant Director // Mike Yeoman

Camera Operators // Gregor Sinclair and  Eilidh Munro

Sound recordist // Becky Thomson

Camera assistant // Charlie Harris

Production assistant // Cameron Chapman

Offline editor // Eilidh Munro

Online editor // Florian Viale

Colourist // Florian Viale

Stills //Jonty Storey


A short documentary VT for BBC Scotland’s A View From The Terrace about an unsung hero, Bernie Morocco, the 77 year old physiotherapist come kitman who has dedicated 27 years to one football club, Newtongrange Star, and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Director // Eilidh Munro
Production Company // Studio Something
Producer // Michael Dart
DOP // Steve Cardno
Sound Recordist // Jonny McLoone
Editor // David Hunter


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