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Florian Viale



Florian is an experienced editor, colourist and VFX specialist with over 19 years of experience in the industry. With his technical expertise, wide knowledge of post-production and industry leading equipment including his Davinci Resolve grading panel, Florian’s work covers a wide range of genres and styles and includes productions for short film, TV commercials, corporate films and documentaries.



Feature film based on the true story of legendary music promoter Dave McLean (Placebo, Green Day, Nirvana) who, as a young man growing up in Dundee, surprised all when he managed to coax international superstars Iron Maiden to play in their small town. He became one of the country's top music promoters. Experience one boy's climb from disco organizer to Scottish entertainment kingpin.

Colour grade // Florian Viale

Grading Reel

Bloc's Florian Viale showcases his skill for creating striking colour palettes in this engaging showreel, displaying a mastery of the craft.

Long Live My Happy Head

Long Live My Happy Head is a feature length documentary by Scottish BAFTA winning directors, Will Hewitt and Austen McCowen at Melt The Fly.

Colour Grade // Florian Viale

Scotland Is Now

Directed by Lewis Gourlay for Eyebolls, this spot for ‘Scotland Is Now’ was created to highlight Scottish innovation in everyday life. The agency brief was to make ‘moments in time’ - freeze framing the action to highlight the various inventions. The creative response was to use a high speed (Phantom), camera to slow time, almost to a standstill while keeping some motion in frame.

Production Company // Eyebolls

Agency // Whitespace

Agency Creative // Neil Walker

Director // Lewis Gourlay

Producer // Victoria Watson

Line Producer // Italia Bianco

DOP // David Lee

Phantom Owner/Operator // Simon King

Editor // Florian Viale

Gaffer // Mark Ritchie

Spark // Derrick Ritchie

Props // Tracy Wedderburn

Make up and Styling // Karen Brown

Arctic Academy

This four part documentary series for BBC Scotland follows Craig Mathieson the founder of Polar Academy, an organisation which lifts secondary school children out of their comfort zones and drops them in the wilds of Greenland. This year Craig is taking 10 Scottish teenagers from Bathgate Academy, West Lothian aged between 13-15 as they embark on a life-changing expedition.

Executive Producer for BBC Scotland: David Harron

Executive Producer for Freak Productions: Hamish Allison

Series Producer: Chris Marks

Director: Jack Warrender

Co-director & Edit Producer: Charles Stuart

Editor: Lindsay Watson

Dubbing Mixer: Alistair George

Online Editor & Colourist: Florian Viale

Titles: David Marin

Graphics: Robert Charleston

Edit Assistants: Adam Borys & Grant Jamieson

Aerial Photography: John Duncan

Production Manager: Penny Davies

Production Assistant: Ruta Zulpaite

Narrator: Jamie Lee

Lift Share

Two strangers, one desperate to find her child, the other reluctant to attend the funeral of his father, imagine what might await them as they journey towards the haunting beauty of the Outer Hebrides, and just maybe, a better future.

Colour Grade // Florian Viale


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