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Simon Williamson


Camera Operator

Simon Williamson is a director of photography and colourist with over 20 years of experience in the creative industries. Simon brings his vast experience in the live music industry to combine with a lifelong interest in film to offer specific expertise in music video production and directing branded content. Simon has regularly worked with numerous production companies in a variety of settings including; The Leith Agency, Studio Edrington, Tanami, STV, Commoner, Fizz Farm and York Studio Post Production studios.



Simon Williamson brings us a captivating glimpse into Melbourne with his short film 'Feelings', offering an immersive view of the city through his acclaimed lens.

DOP, Editor, Colourist // Simon Williamson


Step Up Your Game with Footlocker's Community Basketball Campaign! Join the action as local basketball players showcase their skills in a collection of engaging videos across social media and web content. Graded by Simon Williamson, this campaign delivers high-energy footage that matches the global standard set by Footlocker's other successful campaigns.

Agency // Wasserman

Colourist // Simon Williamson


Official music video for Beatnik Dee & Pheo’s Patience. Shot in LA by Simon Williamson on the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera.

Director/DOP/Colourist/Editor // Simon Williamson 

Joker Starr

Uk hip-hop legend, Joker Starr joins forces with Micall Parknsun and DJ Jazz T to create a mesmerizing music video under the direction of filmmaker Simon Williamson. Get ready for an explosive mix of world class talent!

DOP, edit & motion graphics // Simon Williamson

Showreel: Simon Williamson

Take a glimpse into the world of DOP Simon Williamson through his captivating showreel. With a diverse range of work including music videos, short films, brand films, and serene Scottish landscapes, Simon's showreel showcases his artistic vision and technical expertise. From subtle nuances to breathtaking visuals, Simon's work is a testament to his passion for cinematography.

Jura: Deer Island

Jura is an Island off the west coast of Scotland where deer outnumber humans by 40:1. This film is in fond memory of Peter Campbell who sadly passed away earlier this year. No one knew Jura and its deer better than him. And although very ill at the time he gave his incredible knowledge and wonderful voice to the film.

Director // Euan Myles
DOP/Editor // Jonnie Lewis
Colourist // Simon Williamson
Sound Design // John Vick


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