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Esther Du


Motion Designer

Esther is a multi-skilled motion graphics designer with 5 years experience in the creative industries. Esther’s career is characterised by mastering and adopting new sound and vision technologies into her approach.

Known for her keen eye for detail and a strong conceptual approach, Esther particularly enjoys meaningful, innovative projects that allow time for creative development. Esther’s current work involves the production of Motion Graphics for a variety of sectors including Advertising, Film, Branding, Social Media, as well as live events. Looking to the future, Esther would like to develop Motion Graphics for the music and film industries, including Movie Titles & Music Videos.


Intro to Baillie Gifford

A recent animation project for Baillie Gifford to introduce the core principles of the company to audiences worldwide. Produced in-house at Bloc. 

Creative Director // Robbie Dickson 
Script Development // Neil Rolland / Robbie Dickson
Motion Graphics // Robbie Dickson / Esther Du / Nicol Craig 
Illustration // Marta Croce 
Music Composition & Sound Design // Patrick Collins


Early Careers

This abstract animation, produced in-house at Bloc, is part of the career development programme for graduates, internships, and apprenticeships at Baillie Gifford.

Client // Baillie Gifford

Production // Bloc

Creative Director // Robbie Dickson

Script Development // Neil Rolland, Robbie Dickson, Esther Du

Animation // Robbie DicksonEsther Du

Illustration // Marta Croce

Sound Design // Patrick Collins

Voice Distillery

This collages-style short video by Esther Du introduces The Voice Distillery’s AI-driven VoiceOver platform online.

Client - Voice Distillery

Production - Infinite Content & Esther Du

Creative Direction - Richard Lindsay & Esther Du

Motion Graphics - Esther Du & Alexa Tucek

Illustration - Artem Starchenko


This explainer video, created by Esther Du, showcases Identify HR's "IHR HUB" platform on their website.

Client - Identify HR
Production - Esther Du
Creative Direction - Esther Du
Motion Graphics - Esther Du & Alexa Tucek
Illustration - Artem Starchenko


CoLab is Wood’s revolutionary approach to turn the impossible into possible. Turning ideas into actions, through CoLab we solve our clients’ biggest challenges – together.

Client // Wood Group

Agency // Whitespace

Animation // Robbie Dickson, Esther Du, Nicol Craig

Sound Design // Patrick Collins


Part of a suite of films for Scottish Mortgage which use abstract animations to help explain various concepts of investment banking.

Client // Baillie Gifford

Production // Bloc

Creative Director // Robbie Dickson

Animation // Robbie Dickson, Tim Laking, Esther Du

Illustration // KJ Illo

Sound Design // Patrick Collins

BBC Bitesize

Working alongside Studio Something, Bloc crafted 27 films for BBC Bitesize to raise awareness of the importance of physical education. We took care of everything from editing and motion graphics right through to visual effects and colour grading.

Client // BBC

Agency // Studio Something

Post-Production // Bloc

Designer // Ken Clark

Producers // Tanith Williamson & Sinead Kirwan

Motion Graphics // Robbie Dickson, Esther Du & Nicol Craig

Editor // Carmen Allison

VFX & Grade // Florian Viale

Available to view on the BBC Bitesize website.

Dalmore Ensemble

The Dalmore Ensemble videos helped launch the Dalmore’s music-inspired whisky collection in duty free shops.
Esther Du animated watercolour paintings by Joanna Layla accompanied by Misha Mullov-Abbado’s compositions.

Client: Identify HR
Agency: Infinite Content
Creative Direction: Richard Lindsay & Esther Du
Motion Graphics: Esther Du & Alexa Tucek
Illustration: Artem Starchenko


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