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Charlie Parker



Charlie is a Director who is passionate about working in the comedy, drama, and action genres, and is committed to building a successful career as a writer and director in these fields. Twice nominated for the Best Online comedy at the Scottish comedy awards, picking up the win in 2014 with the web-sitcom M.U.F.F  (co-created with rising starr Daniel Sloss and comedy veteran Tom Stade). Charlie has a track record of bringing teams together on independent projects, fuelled by a shared passion for creation. Skilled in the building of large collaborative teams that have proven to be very effective at producing high quality film & video.


Director's Reel: Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker has earned a reputation as multi-talented director, showcasing an impressive array of skills in comedy, drama and action. Through his showreel we get an exclusive look into some thrilling moments from his impressive body of work; it's clear he always strives to deliver something special for viewers.

Bross Brexit

Bross Bagels is a fast growing bagel empire, based in Edinburgh and quickly expanding in Brighton and London. The viral advert campaign "Bross Brexit" received a 5star review on Davidsreviews due to it's alternative approachto indie-level marketing and the success it brought the client in the years to come. It also nabbed a nomination atthe Scottish comedy awards for "Best Online Comedy".

Director & Editor // Charlie Parker

Chaos Rising

Chaos Rising is a Medieval Action, Fantasy film inspired by the world of Warhammer. The production has been independently run by a small team of film-makers and stunt coordinators who got together one day in search of making something they could all admire. The crowfund reached it's goal within three days and has quickly become a fan-favourite with a cult following. The film is yet to be released (2023) but has been anticipated by fans in the tens of thousands.

Co-creator, Co-Director and Writer // Charlie Parker

Dave The Bouncer

Dave the Bouncer was written for BBC comedy's online content platform "The Social". After the quick success of the sketch it was repurchased and televised as part of their Short Stuff compilation sketch show. The skit as ammassed nearly 7million views on facebook alone.

Writer & Director // Charlie Parker

Phony Voices

Another BBC comedy sketch which appeals to the hearts of those who have waited one hour too many on-hold to customer services. Which means it's relatable to just about everybody over the age of 18. The sketch performed very well on various social media channelsbringing in hundreds of thousands of views (and counting).

Writer & Director // Charlie Parker


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