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Cedric Gall


Motion Designer
Camera Operator

Cedric Gall is a cinematographer, motion designer and editor with over 12 years of experience. He’s passionate about short-form documentaries and organic advertising, aiming to always find a natural and playful side to the images and stories he produces. Born in Mexico City, based in Edinburgh, and always looking to meet new places and people through through visual storytelling.


Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Mexico commercial, made in collaboration with Gatopardo Magazine. This high-energy spot showcases the sleek design and powerful performance of the Mini as it speeds through city streets and country roads.

Director: Cecilia Villaverde
Producer: Emilio de la Vega
DOP: Cedric Gall
Edit: Cecilia Villaverde & Cedric Gall
Color Grade: Cedric Gall
Aerial cinematography by Santiago Arau

Cinematography Reel: Cedric Gall

From stunning landscapes to intimate close-ups, Cedric Gall's cinematography reel showcases his work on projects shot on Alexa, Red, Blackmagic, Sony, Canon and Fuji cameras.

Don Julio

Raise a glass to the founder of Tequila Don Julio with this special homage, created by Cedric Gall in collaboration with Gatopardo magazine. This tribute celebrates the life and legacy of Don Julio Gonzalez, a true visionary who revolutionized the tequila industry with his passion and dedication.


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