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Adrian Leung is an Australian/Hong Kong composer and multi-instrumentalist. Now based in Edinburgh, Adrian has scored award-winning films that have been selected into festivals such as BFI Flare, Sydney Film Festival, Raindance, CPH:Dox and London Short Film Festival. Some recent work include Hong Kong: City on Fire, which won the F:ACT Award at CPH:Dox, No More Wings which won Best Narrative Short at Tribeca and Where The Sun Always Shines which premiered at SXSW this year. He has also worked on advertising campaigns for Dove, Channel 5, Patron Tequila, Guinness, Barnardo's and more.

Adrian also releases music under the moniker Drexler. Living in the contemporary classical space, his compositions combine pianos, textured strings, folky guitars and field recordings and electronic soundscapes. His releases have received airplay on BBC Sounds, NTS, Triple J, KEXP and Soho Radio.

He is currently a member of BAFTA Connect and has been a judge for the Ivor Novello and BAFTA Awards.

For commissions contact Manners McDade Management & Agency Jenna Fentimen & Laura Harrison





Through this energetic score composed by Adrian Leung, the viewer is taken on a journey to Lagos, Nigeria and introduced to Taye: reigning Dambe boxing champion of his local community. Often known as "Fight Club - Nigerian style," this fiercely competitive sport has been mostly undocumented – until now.

Composer // Adrian Leung

Hong Kong: City On Fire

This urgent film beds in with Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrations, offering a front line portrait of four young protesters through a year of struggle. We see their hopes for a freer life and feel their fears as the authorities crack down. Pulse-racing scenes bring the viewer to street level, where peaceful protest is met with fury and tear gas. Clear-eyed about the complications and contradictions that come with a movement that changed Hong Kong forever, it is a brave document of troubled times.

The feature-length film was showcased at cinemas throughout the UK.

Producers // Sinead Kirwan and Mark Lacey

Composer // Adrian Leung

Sound Mix // Patrick Collins

Drexler — Lightness

With his solo project, Drexler, Adrian has produced a stunning track titled “Lightness”. The accompanying music video is directed by Ben Ogunbiyi and Bobby Williams - an impressive combination of creative minds.

Written, recorded and performed by Adrian Leung

Big If

Adrian crafted a delicate yet impactful piano score to enhance the emotional resonance of this Barnardo's TV ad. Through his music, Adrian was able to capture Luke’s heartfelt home life while simultaneously infusing it with optimism and hope that complements the narrative in an artful yet unobtrusive way.

Composer // Adrian Leung


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