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Tish Murtha’s images of those on the margins of society challenged and documented the inequality faced by working-class communities, and in equal measures celebrated what it means to be working-class.

TISH is a journey of exploration for Ella; a chance to elevate and preserve Tish’s legacy and tell the story of an artist and a woman outside of the mother that existed for her. The documentary will present an intimate exploration of Tish’s motivations and political views, the challenges she faced as a young working-class woman from the Northeast, and the value society places on working-class communities and artists.

The feature-length film is directed by Paul Sng (Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché, Dispossession) and produced by Jen Corcoran (Hide and Seek) through Teesside-based Freya Films and Sng's Velvet Joy Productions, with cinematography by Hollie Galloway and The voice of Tish will be played by Maxine Peake.

Editor // Lindsay Watson

TISH will be released in summer 2023, funded by BBC, BFI and Screen Scotland.


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