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Around The Block

'Around the Block' is a passion project by Jonnie Lewis that focuses on American street artist David Zinn, famous for his heart-warming street drawings, composed of chalk, charcoal and found objects.

I began work on it through my own sense of creative frustration, with the loose idea being 'I want to go and make a film about a street artist'.

But when it came to editing it, it felt more apt for it to become an analogy for what it's like to be involved in the creative process that perhaps anyone in a creative industry can identify with.

Much like David finds inspiration in the cracks, streaks and specks on the pavement, I personally find that getting out and finding shots with a camera in my hand is far more fluid and inspiring than sitting at home and trying to come up with ideas.

The final piece is no longer a film specifically about street art, but a study of the process involved in making ideas come to life - told through a tour of David's world alongside the characters that live within it.

If nothing else, hopefully it encourages someone else to go out and create something just... because.

Director/DOP/Editor // Jonnie Lewis
Animation // The 2D Workshop
Colourist // Gavin Livingston
Sound Design // John Vick


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