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Tomas Sheridan


Camera Operator

Tomás Sheridan is an award winning, documentary director/producer, videographer and educator who uses people's stories and filmmaking to explore human relationships, social change and the place of individuals in a globalised society. His films span from Asian steppes to Ugandan villages and from film archives in Northern Italy to unexpected pregnancies in Scotland but all share a search for our common humanity through storytelling. In 2012 Tomás founded Polifilm Media, a production company whose mission is to use film production and education to lead to positive change. From in-depth documentary projects to NGO videos, from local community projects to workshops in refugee centres, from creative arts to environmental startups, the goal is always the same: to empower communities, address social and environmental challenges, and support companies and individuals with an ethical remit, changing the world one story at a time.


Polifim Stories

Polifilm is about telling stories. What started out as a promo showreel for the company turned into the story of what makes us human.


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