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Iain Pennington



Iain Pennington is a passionate colourist with a deep appreciation for both still and motion imagery. Drawing inspiration from his diverse background in photography, film making, music, and food, Iain infuses his projects with a unique creative flair. His meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise enable him to elevate visual storytelling, delivering compelling and powerful images. Iain is very much a people’s person, and loves bringing his client’s vision to life. When not immersed in his studio, Iain can be found atop munros with his deerhound lurcher, Lupo, or exploring the Scottish seas in neoprene attire, embracing his love for nature and the beautiful Scottish wilderness.


Showreel: Iain Pennington

Discover the captivating showreel of Ian Pennington, an accomplished colorist driven by a profound appreciation for the artistry of both still and motion imagery. With a rich background in photography, filmmaking, music, and food, Ian gracefully infuses his projects with a unique creative touch. With unwavering attention to detail and a wealth of technical expertise, he skillfully elevates visual storytelling, delivering poignant and impactful images that breathe life into his clients' visions


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